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We grow the Socially-Conscious Leaders that society needs **painting by Inés Díaz Tabera (member)

Become Who You Are and Create What You Love!

#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless 🦋♾

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Discover your Power of Being!

PiMOV is a community co-created by people who live from the inside-out, who courageously learn to show up as who they are, practicing and experiencing ideas that push them to the edge to discover and expand their freedom to be who they are and create what they love - their Power of Being.

We’ve co-created a Program for you!

Join us in a four weeks long inside-out program co-created by our community members and specifically designed for you to discover your Power of Being by practicing, experiencing and expanding, individually and collectively, through collaboration, evolution and iMPACT.

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Dare to Dream Big! Stand-up to Become Who You Are.

The world needs more people like You.

Prepare yourself to become brighter to outshine whatever has to be lightened up by your example of being and doing.

PiMOV is a safe space for you to freely discover more about yourself and your purpose through connection, experience, practice and expansion with others like you.

You've come here to expand and experience, to commit to your growth and purpose. 

You live in integrity and in dignity for Who You Are; You are an amazingly powerful human-being who respects and values yourself. Let your new self flourish by becoming a courageous warrior who fights for your wins! 

Share openly and naturally, don't let your mind take over what you are inspired to share. Get rid of the thoughts that don't allow you to follow your intuitive hints. De-educate yourself from what you've been told.

Be the change you want to see in the world by daring to dream big! Society needs more people like you.

Competition doesn’t exist any more, there’s only collaboration by giving and receiving through Who You Are. 

We envision a world lead by Socially-Conscious Leaders like you, who inspire and become inspired, support others and feel supported and who see collaboration as the doorway to their highest potential.

A world where everybody lives from their truth; where everybody is safe and free to express, communicate and share. A world where everybody honours personal growth; where there is love, compassion and respect for everybody and everything.

PiMOV is a safe place where to start co-creating this new world with people like you. 

Here, you are in freedom to share about your thoughts, experiences, challenges, successes, etc. There’s no judgment, no promotion, no selling, just connection, collaboration and growth.

You are the author of your live, you are your lover, your judge, your own guru,...! 

Our community channel “The 7 Roots of Potential™” by Dr Ruben Perczek offers you a canvas to focus on your humongous potential to thrive as the resilient and courageous leader that you are. 

Anything you create is the outcome of Who You Are.

Become the example and inspiration for others to find their own path and passion for life, transforming this world into a sustainable and just world for all.

“Our being is not an outcome. We are not problems to be fixed. We are possibilities to be discovered.” ~ Dr Rubén Perczek

A transformational movement that is innate in You!

This is not a religious or political movement. This is a movement of positive transformation through the giving and sharing of Whom You really Are. 

It is a way of living, which once rooted within your being expands to your family, friends and community, transforming society from the inside out. 

About Us

We are creating our own structures here in PiMOV. Our skeletons are created in a deep listening process to who we are and to what the world needs from us. Our criteria to measure success is measured by our evolution and impact through collaboration. We are learning together how challenging and fulfilling is living and speaking our truth, on our own terms. We are already exploring our mystery as human beings through The 7 Roots of Potential™, and the responsibility is ours, not anyone else’s. ~ Inés Díaz Tabera

Our Values

More about us on the pimov.org

#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless 🦋♾

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