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We are co-creating the most empowering, collaborative and evolving community for the socially-conscious change makers to scale their positive iMPACT through sustainable projects!


At PiMOV, we are focused on creating Positive iMPACT in the world. We create it through our projects. It all starts with a business idea that we see as having the potential for sustainable Positive iMPACT.

Many impact entrepreneurs (social impact entrepreneurs) are seeking to be part of a group or community of like-minded people. The reason is that besides their business idea or projects, they want to strongly believe that their impact depends largely on collaboration as well as their personal growth.

They believe their personal growth is directly linked to their project growth.

We call ourselves Socially-Conscious Change Makers (SCCMs). The socially conscious part speaks to our commitment to community and evolving our capacity to be open and conscious as we co-create the change we want.

In PiMOV, our community, we bring these three key areas together: our projects (Positive iMPACT), our individual growth (conscious evolution), and our collaboration (community).

We are growing our community through quality relationships. All members are initially vetted to make sure members are able to be trusted in their intent to be genuinely interested in all of the above three areas.

The questions that emerge may involve something to do with their project’s idea, or how to grow it from the stage that it is at. Also, members are interested in meeting others and learning about their own journeys and projects, sharing and collaborating with each other. No matter what project they are working on or who they are collaborating with, members are deeply committed to taking responsibility for their own growth.

What is PiMOV?

PiMOV is a community where you can focus your growth, learn with supporting and empowering people, and move your Positive iMPACT business forward. It is a place we evolve together, in a joyful, safe, and kind way.

What is unique about PiMOV?

A community that honors people’s growth challenges (regardless of what these are), loves supporting and learning with others like them, and is committed to create positive change is highly unusual.

At PiMOV we learn to speak a common language that allows us to grow, collaborate and create iMPACT. Speaking and sharing a common language is essential to deepen our business success.

What makes it unique?

We vet all members to make sure we are inviting people in who are Socially-Conscious Change Makers.

Our growth doesn’t sacrifice quality.

In our community, you will find:

  • People who are kind, responsible, and take action in spite of discomfort along the way.

  • Information that is both educational and practical.

  • Support, collaboration, and empowerment.

  • Fun energy that inspires.

  • Courses that are accessible and complementary to what our wants and needs. First preference to these courses is given to those members who are ready to take action and contribute back to the growth of our members and the community.

Both Jeannette and Ruben consistently show up, every day.

We offer learning opportunities for people with different learning styles, including articles, a community forum, library, as well as audio recordings, and live workshops and courses.

How do members interact?

We have our own forum, one that is private and uninterrupted by commercial advertising or the bigger consumerism of social media. There, you can connect with other members and be confident that the space will be kept free of people and energies that don’t belong to Socially-Conscious Change Makers.

Quality members, how we do it?

We deeply value people becoming more deeply rooted in who they truly are. As a result, every member has an introductory page, with photos and videos of who they are and what they are working on. This way, we can connect with people who we resonate with, on our own timeline and style.

We are growing membership through intimate connections. All people interested in membership must enter a waitlist and waiting period of 3 weeks. During that time, we have the opportunity to meet everyone and the member has the opportunity to take their time in entering or not the membership (not being rushed and accepting everyone who can pay).

We have members from all over the world, including Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia.

All members interact wit each other in a kind way, making sure that all feel welcome and comfortable. We believe in collaboration, not competition, and because of it, being generous with sharing who we are and our expertise is the common way of being.

Self promotion and success at any cost is not accepted.

How is it relevant?

While the information on the relevant areas of personal evolution, collaboration, and impact is constantly growing through member-only articles, short-posts, and reports hosted in our library, all materials are held within the common language we share from The 7 Roots of Potential™ evolutionary system.

It works like this…

Featured Member Interviews & Personal Profiles

We feature each member of our community when they join in. We call these features Featured Member Interviews. All interviews have the same format so we maintain uniformity and practicality through each of them. In addition to these interviews, every member has their own Personal Profile, consisting of their project and the key areas of personal growth that they are focusing on. Both of these features provide all members with the opportunity to get to know each other and connect with as many people as they wish.

Our Community Forum

On our Community Forum, you ask as many questions as you want. Every question gets answered by either Jeannette or Ruben. We are on the forum everyday unless one of us is facilitating a live event, at a meeting or on vacation. Also, other members offer their viewpoints. All questions are invited and valid. In fact, we thrive with questions and the more the better since they get our community together and supporting each other.

Unlike communities where people don’t know who each other is and questions are randomly answered, we invest a lot of our attention on making sure all questions are answered and if we don’t know what people are looking for, we do our best to support the person to connect with the right resource.

Member-Only Articles & Topic Library

We consider the Power of Being is the central force that creates positive change. As such, our community emphasizes leading from the inside-out. We place lots of emphasis on expanding our internal awareness since it is within it that our potential for Positive iMPACT resides. Toward that intention, we share Member-Only Articles once a week which all remain searchable in the community through The Topic Library.

The Weekly Recaps & Question

As we all know by now, the internet inundates us everyday with people claiming they are the world’s expert on any given subject. For those of us so committed to creating Positive iMPACT in the world, we are most susceptible to buying things we don’t really need. In the process, we end up wasting valuable resources.

Our community is a place where we are supporting each other to become our own best teacher. We think of this as perhaps the most unique benefit of what we offer. Though all of us are focusing on external positive change, we hold each other responsible for our individual growth. This way, we minimize the probability of us defaulting to the external as our main source of internal identity or fulfillment. At the end of every week, we post a weekly recap of our community highlights and at the beginning of every week we pose our weekly question that we can each take to reflect on the power of our being.

Unlike other forums where mindset growth is being featured as a benefit but in reality the main focus is short-term quick formulas for business growth, we actually don’t believe or support quick fixes of any kind. Instead, all matters regarding inner awareness as the core undercurrent of positive change are addressed in our community as one of our core areas of expertise.

Collectively Inspired in a Fun Atmosphere

We know that we are stronger and smarter as a collective. This means that the stronger we become as collaborators, the faster we can advance toward creating Positive iMPACT. We are here to help each other reflect the best that we have to offer, and inspire each other to make the iMPACT we were uniquely born to make.

To make our greatest iMPACT, we must cultivate our capacity to be the author of our own lives. When we are being who we are and doing what we love, we have the greatest chance of making the highest impact.

Virtual & Local PiMOV Coffee Sessions

We are kind, responsible, but we also are growth oriented action-takers. We love learning and aren’t afraid to live in the not-knowing. Rather, we consider being able to live in the not-knowing is needed in order to live into our highest commitments. This way of being pretty much guarantees personal growth in a way that is fun and inspiring. This is why we hold our Monthly Virtual Coffee Sessions and PiMOV Spain is already holding regular in-person gathering to share with each other live.

Member Course Access Priority

Our community offers excellent courses (not available anywhere else) to strengthen and deepen our capacity to listen to our own selves for the sake of taking the strongest action we can take toward Positive iMPACT. 

We make all courses easily accessible so that cost is not an obstacle. 

However, we are not interested in growing faster than our community is ready for, so all courses are limited to a number of participants. This way, we maintain our integrity as well by offering courses that fill the needs our community members are requesting through the Forum.

We don’t offer courses our community doesn’t want or is not interested in. We walk our talk and our courses and live events have our member’s needs as our priority. Our members get first priority of participation, starting with premium members.

Premium Members

Of course, higher level courses are only available for those who have already participated in previous courses. In addition, certain benefits like our Live Webinars and Subject-Expert Podcast are available for the premium members as a bonus. Another bonus of the premium member is being able to present their project and receive personal feedback through our Member Project Sessions.

All members have first priority to attend our live in-person events, conferences, and workshops and receive special discounted rate.

Does membership cost 100 € or 200 € a month?

We are making membership a no brainer so that cost is not an obstacle.

How is it that you can receive all these benefits for such a low monthly cost?

The answer is that we are not willing to grow at any cost. In fact, we don’t mind staying small because for us the best way to create sustainable Positive iMPACT is by doing it in a way that honors the laws of evolution itself, where people don’t get to grow because of their titles, positions, or financial power. We get to grow through merit. No one has the privilege to bypass their own learning.

You get all that is described here. If you want to talk with any of our current members, please let us know so we can set up a conversation for you guys.

What is the next step?

Apply for membership here

Within 2 business days, you’ll get a note from us inviting you to choose a date for a conversation with either/both Jeannette or Ruben and to answer a few simple questions so we know a bit about you before we connect. The interview ensures both you and us that we are a good fit for each other. That’s pretty much it.

Our Manifesto

Our Values

Our values form the foundation of every decision we make: Respect, Integrity, Humility, Honesty, Authenticity and Courage protect our common purpose to make positive impact in the World.

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