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Committed to grow Positive iMPACT across the globe through Socially-Conscious Leadership

Achieve your greatest Positive iMPACT through Who You Are and What You Create!

#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless

Become the Socially-Conscious Leader you are, in integrity and respect to yourself and what you envision for your life and this world.

Join us to scale your iMPACT and leadership skills through our collaborative, empowering and safe community.

Expand your iMPACT through Who You Are and What You Create

Anything you create is the outcome of who you are.

We develop your capacity to be a socially-conscious resilient and collaborative leader who takes courageous action to facilitate the iMPACT you live for.


Experience your iMPACT and potentiate your Leadership skills by Co-Creating and Co-Evolving

Have you ever been in a community where you are asked to focus into your inside to express freely and safely to the outside?

We bring EVOLUTION - COMMUNITY - iMPACT together to connect, empower, support and collaborate for the common goal of Positive iMPACT.

Join us to together learn and experience co-creation and co-evolution.


PiMOV is a Community built for….

What is unique about PiMOV?

We are a community that honors people’s growth challenges (regardless of what these are), loves supporting and learning with others like us, integrates collaboration in all what we do and is committed to create Positive iMPACT.

We learn to speak a common language that is based on The 7 Roots of Potential™ canvas that allows us to grow, individually and together, collaborate and potentiate Positive iMPACT through who we are and what we create.

Speaking and sharing a common language that allows us to re-discover ourselves and the world is essential to deepen our business success.

We are a community that co-evolves and co-creates through each member for the common good.

What makes us unique?

We co-evolve and co-create for the common goal of Positive iMPACT. 

We are Socially-Conscious Change Makers who with in integrity change the world through our own change.

We are committed to evolve to potentiate our iMPACT. 

We are like-minded change makers, who are all equally perfect. 

PiMOV is a free and safe environment to practice, experience and expand our iMPACT and Leadership skills. No one is right or wrong; we do not fix anyone, because there is nothing to be fixed… We are all authentically ourselves and so is what we create, individually and in community.

We vet all members to make sure we are inviting people in who are Socially-Conscious Change Makers.

Our growth doesn’t sacrifice quality.

How do members interact?

We have our own forum, one that is private and uninterrupted by commercial advertising or the bigger consumerism of social media. There, you can connect with like-minded others and be confident that the space will be kept free and safe of people and energies that don’t belong to a Socially-Conscious Leadership environment.

Quality members, how we do it?

We deeply value change makers becoming more deeply rooted in who they truly are. As a result, every member has a profile page with who they are and what they are working on. This way, we can directly connect with members who we resonate with, on our own timeline and style.

We are growing membership through intimate connections and referrals. All people interested in membership can register to one of our Virtual Meet-ups or Request to Join.


During the session, they have the opportunity to meet everyone to experience our community and what we do, having the option to register as a member or not (with their own pace - no rush to access), if invited to join.

We have members from all over the world, including Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia.

All members interact with each other in a safe and kind way, making sure that all feel welcome and comfortable. We believe in collaboration, not competition, and because of it, being generous with sharing who we are and our expertise is the common way of being.

Self promotion and success at any cost is not accepted.

How is it relevant?

While the information on the relevant areas of personal evolution, collaboration, and iMPACT is constantly growing through member-only articles, short-posts, questions, videos and sessions organised in our topics library, materials are held within the common language we share from The 7 Roots of Potential™ evolutionary canvas.

Collectively Inspired in a Fun Atmosphere

We are here to support each other reflect the best that we have to offer, and inspire each other to make the iMPACT we were uniquely born to make.

To make our greatest iMPACT, we must cultivate our capacity to be the author of our own lives.

When we are being who we are and doing what we love, we have the greatest chance of making the highest iMPACT.

Does membership cost 100 € or 200 € a month?

We are making membership a no brainer so that cost is not an obstacle.

Membership cost is 125€ / year.

How is it that you can receive all these benefits for such a low monthly cost?

The answer is that we are not willing to grow at any cost. In fact, we don’t mind staying small because for us the best way to create sustainable Positive iMPACT is by doing it in a way that honors the laws of evolution itself, where people don’t get to grow because of their titles, positions, or financial power. We get to grow through merit. No one has the privilege to bypass their own learning.

You get all that is described here. If you want to talk with any of our current members, please let us know so we can set up a conversation for you guys.

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Our Values

Our values are aligned to our Freedom to be who we truly are, what we create and how we communicate.

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#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless 🦋♾

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